How can I be a user?

To be part of the E.D.S.F. door energy labelling programme simply register via the Sign In! area.

There are two available account types:

- BASIC Access: Unlimited free sample labels for Sales & Marketing purposes.

- FULL Access: Official registered labels for Production purposes, available under EDSF pricing scheme.

How do I use the web platform?

Once registered, you can enter in the Users area just introducing your User name and Password.
Afterwards, you can simply generate each label as necessary within the user Dashboard area, completing the requested data in the form you find when you click New label.
Here you can find a platform user manual as reference.

In Full Access, the production of the labels requires the prior acquisition of Label Packs for 10, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 units.

      On generating each label two documents are produced:

  • A technical report in pdf format explaining the calculation carried out and a display of the label
  • A file with the image of the label in pdf format for printing and affixing to the corresponding door

How do I use the label and the report?

The technical report can be delivered for customer information together with the technical documentation of the door (Data Sheet, Declaration of Performace, Enviromental Product Declaration, etc.).

Printed on adhesive paper, the label can be affixed to the corresponding door. There are two label images generated in two different sizes:

- Regular label (240 x 110 mm) to be affixed in a visible place upon installation or comissioning.
- Small label
(163 x 60 mm) that can be permanently affixed on the product.

The original dimensions of the label image files should be respected.

How are my label data stored?

In-Company System Option

To integrate the EDSF Energy Label Calculation in your company IT systems, like ERP or BIM, we can provide you the Calculation Algorithm under a License Agreement and special commercial conditions.  In this way you can generate all labels you may need inside your company.

Please contact us to have more information about this possibility.

How much does the labelling cost?

The generation of the labels carries a minimum charge applied primarily towards the maintenance, development and promotion of the labelling system.

BASIC ACCESS is totally free.

FULL ACCESS' pricing scheme is shown in the diagram. The prices are described below:

For all members of E.D.S.F. and its federated associations members, there is no annual fee. Also, the first 1000 labels each year are free of charge. In the additional labels there is a 20% discount. As a result:

- Reduced Fee per additional label: 0,4 euro

For non-members of E.D.S.F. there is a low annual fee, and also a low cost per label issued, begining with a 10 free units Welcome Pack.

- Annual fee: 200 euro
- Fee per label: 0,5 euro

Contact E.D.S.F. to become member of the federation.

VAT is not included. The payments are made via transfer.

Currently we are in BETA testing. During this period the system is free of charge.